My obsession with food began when I was about 4. I spent hours in the kitchen making awful conconctions which my mother tolerated (and cleaned up after) because it kept me occupied.

By the age of 11, I had no interest in babysitting so I decided to bake brownies, cookies, and pies and sell them in my neighborhood. European travels that began when I was 13 fueled the fire and by the time I was 15 I was cooking more than our small family could consume.

My beloved father, Howard Drew, suggested that I start a catering business.

With his support, I did, and launched Gourmet Catering by Cathi Drew before I even had my driver’s license. Love of wine followed.

Because of our travels, I was permitted to start sampling wine at an early age. In 1979 I opened a small restaurant that also housed the catering kitchen. Now in possession of a liquor license, I became more and more interested in wines and took full advantage of the opportunity to try different wines and gather feedback from my customers, family and friends.

I eventually left the food and beverage business, but remain an avid cook and enthusiastic wine drinker. I will not refer to myself as a connoisseur because I think it’s incredibly pretentious!

I’ve been wanting to start a wine blog for a year and now is the time. I hope you will enjoy following my tastings and travels and that many of you will comment frequently.



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