Hello, everyone.  I hope you are all well and enjoying the pre-holiday doings.  Let’s go back to Pinot Noir, specifically Ken Wright’s fabulous 2009 blend.  I have been busy sharing this delightful wine with friends and everyone loves it.  Ken created this blend for the first time in 2009 for the purpose of being able to offer one of his Pinots at a friendlier price point.  That price is $25.00 and it is a bargain!  To quote Ken: “Though not at the same level of complexity as the vineyard designates, this blend is extremely enjoyable, lush and full of pure, Pinot fruit. It is also a terrific value. The blend consists of fruit from Abbott Claim, Canary Hill, Carter, Freedom Hill, Guadalupe, McCrone, Meredith Mitchell, Nysa and Savoya vineyards.”  Check out Ken Wright Cellars to order or to determine whether there is a distributor in your area.  (This is not a sponsored message!  I just love Ken’s wines and this one is such a deal.)  Even with shipping, it is worth ordering direct from the winery.