Today is Saturday and our first order of business is a trip out to Shea Vineyard to sample.  Shea is an enormous 140 acre vineyard with acreage leased by a number of wine makers.  Ken leases 6 acres.  The grapes just aren’t ready.  They need some sun and the birds are an increasing threat.  Ken’s vineyard managers were out sampling the other vineyards and when we got back to the winery, we crushed up the samples and measured for ph and brix.  Ken remains optimistic and confident–but it will be good if harvest can begin sooner rather than later.

Misuzu and I at Drouhin

There were no other duties for the day, so Ken’s brother-in-law, Art, and Misuzu and I decided we would spend the remainder if the lovely afternoon visiting some other wineries.  Our first stop was Domaine Drouhin Oregon owned by the famous French family known for its Burgundies. It has a magnificent setting, but it is very popular and therefore crowded.  After Drouhin, we visited Bergstrom, a smaller winery with some excellent offerings.

Ken had decided that we would pick the smallest and newest vineyard, Tanager, on Sunday before the birds picked it clean, so it was an early night for all as we would leave for the vineyard at 7:00 a.m. the next morning.