My favorite local wine store The Wine Shop, owned by Debbie Marlowe, recently held an Oregon wine tasting.  Six wines were presented, two whites and four Pinot Noirs.  I enjoyed all of the wines, but would like to highlight three of the selections.

King Estates Pinot Gris is the quintessential Oregon Pinot Gris.  Its aroma is full of stone fruits like peaches and pears with lovely floral notes.  In the mouth the wine is also fruit-filled with a wonderful body and crisp finish that lingers.  This wine is perfect with cheeses, chicken dishes, and light pastas.  The price range is around $16.

Jigaw Pinot Noir is a second label produced by Ransom Wines and Spirits. Check out their website – it is an interesting story.  The Jigsaw being tasted was the 2008 vintage, one of Oregon’s best years.  The wine has classic Pinot Noir features including aromas and flavors of black cherries, berries and vanilla. Pinot Noir is a very versatile wine, and is fabulous with salmon, poultry, and most meats. Or by itself! The Jigsaw is very reasonable for Oregon Pinot Noir at about $23.

My favorite wine–and for once not the most expensive!–was Eyrie Pinot Noir 2008.  It is everything I want in an Oregon Pinot Noir.  Gorgeous ruby color, luscious cherry/berry flavors and velvety mouth feel.  The price is about $36 and truly worth it for a special occasion wine.

The other three wines were Borealis Blend (which is a blend of 4 different white grapes that produced a wine I found confusing); Solena 2009 Pinot Noir; and 2009 Elk Cove Pinot Noir.