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I’ve been wanting to write a wine blog for some time now.  After attending the Charleston Wine and Food Festival in March 2011, and a seminar entitled Pioneers of Pinot Noir, I knew that “Pinot” would be the topic for the blog.  The seminar featured three Oregon wineries, Ken Wright Cellars, Sokol Blosser Winery, and Domaine Drouhin Oregon. I have loved Oregon Pinot Noir for years, but this really got the juices flowing (no pun intended) and now I’d like to introduce my blog, “Pursuing Pinot.”

All three of the featured wineries are located in the Willamette Valley (many of you will know this but Willamette ryhmes with “dammit”).  The vineyard representatives talked at length about the different soils in the Valley and how those differences affect the wine that is produced.  And then there is the weather, always unpredictable and a tremendous influence on production and quality.  For example, 2007 was unusually rainy and made for a very challenging year whereas conditions during 2008 enabled production of a nearly perfect vintage.

During the Pioneers of Pinot Noir Q&A session, I asked if it was possible to do a “working visit.”  All affirmed, “Yes!”  I spoke with Ken Wright, the owner of Ken Wright Cellars, after the seminar and he suggested that I contact his assistant promptly to make arrangements. I did and now will be traveling to the Pacific Northwest on October 11 to help with harvest at Ken Wright Cellars in Carlton, Oregon. I’m looking forward to documenting this trip here on the blog.

These Oregon wineries provided the final push for me to move forward with “Pursuing Pinot” and I hope you’re going to share my journeys and enjoy the ride as much as I’m going to.